Take your worries out regarding your children’s studies before an exam. Take the heat out during summer night. Continue watching your favorite TV program. Keep your office or shop open. Grameen Bitek  IPS is the latest and most convenient device to provide instant electricity in case of sudden power failures. Its main advantage over the conventional emergency lights is that it supplies power to the existing lighting fixture & other electrical/ electronic equipment. Grameen Bitek IPS will give you trouble free service for years. It provides an output of 220 volt to operate the Tube light, Fan, TV, Hi-Fi system and other low power Electrical & Electronic Equipment .It is not recommended for high power applications such as pump motor, Fridge, Air conditioner, Heater, Electric Iron , Hair dryer etc.

Key Features:

  • High Voltage protection(upto 440V)
  • Low Voltage Protection
  • Anti Fluctuation Delay system
  • Safety in Handling(Insulation Resistance):>10M ohms(at 500V dc)


  • Fully Automatic
  • 440V protection
  • Volt-Guard Built-in
  • One Year Warrenty
  • Wide operating voltage Range
  • Automatic Battery Charging
  • Battery Over charge Protection
  • Battery Under Voltage Protection
  • Over Load Protection
  • Cold start Facility
Particulars Single Phase
Capacity 200VA-1500VA
Allowed voltage 160V-260V
Low cut off 160V
Hi cut off 260V
Transfer time <15m sec
Output voltage 200V-240V(Inverter mode)
Output frequency 50Hz(Inverter mode)
Wave form Modified square wave(Inverter mode)
Backup time 2 Hours (approx)
Battery Lead acid/Sealed maintenance free(option)
Battery brand Reputed company
Controlling system Pules width modulation
LED indicators Stand by,power,inverter,battery ok,battery low,over load