• Grameen Bitek aims to take up potential technologies developed by Bangladeshi innovators under royalty agreements, redesign the products professionally and to introduce them to the market.
  • Grameen Bitek will introduce an ‘Innovative Technology’ award to promote technological activity amongst Bangladesh techno enthusiasts.
  • Grameen Bitek plans at promoting small-scale industries in the country through self-employment. The organization will identify potential items and develop appropriate technologies and business plans.


  • The efficient R&D section actively working for improvements or to conceive a new product.
  • New products like Instant Power Supply for general domestic use, UPS with 2 hours back-up, Rechargeable light for students, Electronic lamp holder for life extension of filament lamps, Three Phase Industrial voltage Stabilizer have been introduced into the market in last couple of years.
  • Grameen Bitek is proceeding into Solar Technology very soon. A cost competitive Solar Panel for domestic use has already been designed and developed under the leadership of Grameen Bitek Ltd. This will be soon introduced to the market through Grameen Bitek.
  • Solar Photovoltaics has been chosen as the next product to send into market.