High frequency online UPS has properties of small volume, light weight, and high operation efficiency as well as low noise. It is particularly suitable for offices or other places where its power system operates steadily, and it has little dust, and comfort temperature and moisture. But it cannot be used in the bad power grid environment as a result of weak endurance capacity. High frequency online uninterruptible power supply adopts active power factor correction technology, and represents the developing trends of green energy

Key Features:

  • True On-Line Double Conversion Technology with Advanced Microprocessor Control
  • Wide Input Voltage Range
  • Zero Transfer Time
  • Protection Against all Types of Power Problems
  • Self Test While Start of the UPS
  • Smart RS232 Communication Interface
  • Voltage, Frequency & Bypass Voltage Range Adjustable
  • Indicators: UPS Status, I/P & O/P Voltage & Frequency , Battery Voltage, Battery Capacity , Loading , Temperature , History Record
  • Audible Alarm: Bypass , On Battery Mode , Battery Low , Overload , Fault