UPS system helps in providing protection to electronic devices, mainly computers, during sudden disruption in the power supply. The direct alternating current supply is prone to power fluctuations that cause damage to the electronic device. This voltage instability is controlled by the UPS system; through which a stable power output is provided. This helps to prevent any sort of damage occurring as a result of the abrupt power cut. It supplies temporary energy to the device so as to enable safe shutdown of the device. During power supply disruption, it provides battery energy to run the device. In case of longer time, the safe shutdown is enabled. This helps avoid any kind of data loss while working midway; be it at home or at office. Surges, outages and sudden spikes in the power supply are detected by the UPS system. Hence, the automatic switchover to the battery power takes place during such conditions. Any damage caused to the device due to such interruptions is thus avoided.

Key features:

  • Built in AVR
  • Wide Input Voltage Range : 145V – 280Vac
  • High/Low Voltage Protection, Overload/Short Circuit Protection
  • Cold Start Even there in no Main Power
  • Automatic Recharge even UPS is Off
  • Colored LED Display Intelligent Battery Management
  • Compatibility with Generators Inverter Mode Frequency 50 Hz

Technical specifications

Capacity 650-2000VA
Back up time Minimum 15 minutes at full load
Charging System Always UPS charging (Off or On)
AC Mode
Input Voltage 160-280VAC
Output Voltage 220VAC
Input Frequency 50Hz±3Hz
Inverter Mode
Output Voltage 220 VAC
Output Frequency 50Hz
Transfer Time ≤ 2 ms
Protection Lightening and Surge, Blackouts, Brownouts, Over Load, Under & Over Voltage, Battery Low & Battery Over Charge, Surge & Spike protection and assurance of compatibility with all loads.