GrameenBitek’s Auto Servo Voltage Stabilizer accepts widely varying input voltage with an automatic servo-mechanism,which has a broad operating detects variations in input voltage, amplifiesthem, drives a servomotor and, with a built –in sliding type transformer, keeps the output voltage stable. The input and output are 1-phase two- wire and 3-phase four wire system. There is selector switch facility to monitor phase –to- phase and neutral-to-phase input & output voltage condition. GrameenBitek 1-phase/3-phase Voltage Stabilizer is suitable for Residence, Apartment, Office, Factory, Hospital, Industry, Shopping Center, Defense, Elevator, Escalator and all 1-phase/3-phase Electrical &Electronic Equipment.

Key Features/Benefits:

  • Total Protection
  • Fully Automatic
  • Fast Response Time
  • Anti Fluctuation Delay
  • Built-In Bypass Facility
  • Servo Motor Controlled
  • Individual Phase Control
  • Phase Missing Guard
  • Over Load Protection
  • One Year Warranty
  • Wide Input Range

Technical Specification:

Particulars Single Phase Three Phase
capacity 300VA-30KVA 300VA-30KVA
Input Voltage Range 120-280V/100-280V 300-460V/250-460V
Output Voltage 220V(adjustable) 380/400/415V(adjustable)
Output Tolerance ±1%-±5% ±1%-±5%
Correction Speed 30-50V/sec 30-50V/sec
Frequency 50Hz 50Hz
Voltage Control Servo/Electronic Servo/Electronic
Cut-off Control Electromagnetic Relay/contactor Electromagnetic Relay/contactor
Sensing system Neutral to Phase Neutral to Phase/Phase to Phase
Waveform Distortion Nil Nil
Cooling System Air/Oil Air/Oil
Input/Output Voltmeter Analog/Digital(optional) Analog/Digital(optional)
LED Indicators Normal,Hi,Lo,Delay Normal,Hi,Lo,Delay
Short Circuit Protection Fuse/Circuit Breaker Fuse/Circuit Breaker
By-pass Facility Circuit Breaker/Contactor(optional) Circuit Breaker/Contactor(optional)
Protection High voltage,Low voltage, Fluctuation, Overload,Short circuit, Lightning, Surge, Sag, Spike, Notch, Transient, Flicker, Brownout, Radio Frequency noise High voltage,Low voltage, Fluctuation, Overload, Short circuit, Lightning, Surge, Sag, Spike, Notch, Transient, Flicker, Brownout, Radio Frequency noise
Ambient Temperature 4⁰C-45⁰C 4⁰C-45⁰C
Ambient Humidity <95% <95%
Efficiency >90% >90%
Overload >110% For 30 Sec >110% For 30 Sec